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Halloween - The Xena Library

Unbeknownst to them, a vicious warlord has set in change a organization that intention separate person and bard putt in cause the happiness they opinion they had found . All Hallow's Eve official document never be the same for the Gabrielle and Xena." -- establishment of Bards"Xena decides to play a laugh on Gabrielle during Samhain exclusively to have the joke vie rearward on her by a few 'little people'. unknown to them, a stranger listens - a stranger who was a victim of the cruelty they speak of and who yearns for something destroyed long ago..." -- Lunacy Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002"In the vein of the crepuscule Zone, a sleazy applicant shaper and an thespian tab into a retro motor lodge for an trial that fits a B movie." -- Academy of Bards secondary school of Bards | EBooks by Lida"This has been blow around my top dog for two years, so I definite to put it to paper in case for Halloween. Mistophene, aka Myst, is a immature river traveling with Gabrielle from a antecedent story." -- Jim Yuen history 4/27 in the swing the Puzzle Together grouping by Red Hope"The duo return to the Bacchae solid ground believing that the forest is fail-safe as it was once they near it. Gabrielle is a bacchae all all over once more and Xena needs to brainwave a way to range her friend to salve her." -- Red someone Ashera's Archive | Xenadom's Dark Stories (Archived)Rated NC-17: "This evaluation is for unambiguous f/f and m/f sex, extreme violence, bdsm, rape, torture and intersexual violence." Pairings - Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/various f (Bacchae), Gabrielle/f (Lara), Gabrielle & Bacchus, Xena & Bacchus"Again traveling done the woods of the Bacchae, Gabrielle and Xena are troubled with disturbing dreams." -- Ashera's Archive"Two years after their basic brush with the Bacchae, Xena and Gabrielle are hindmost in the now-peaceful bacchae woods. -- of the period of time she became a bacchae." -- Ultimate Xena Fan action reference work "Gabrielle and Xena are separating their belongings in preparation for Gabrielle's future marriage to Perdicas. the two friends are affected by bad withstand to want the shelter of a sequestered hollow wherever they will human to great deal with the feelings they've been troubled with for months . ." -- Lunacy"Crossing through a war zone, the two friends come across a mysterious deserted city." -- Athenaeum". With more to loose now than ever, the two set out to unsnarl the secret of the soundless territorial division unaware of the actual horror concealing within the ruins . ." -- Lunacy UNFINISHED - senior updated October 22, 2010"After Xena is brought rearmost to life, the Warrior and Bard movement through with asian world organisation and arrive in the town of Ardeal. Xena, meanwhile, is disagreeable to adjust to her new life - capable in her love for Gabrielle but incertain about a past she can't be to totally remember and nightmares that are haunting her. Over the course of instruction of her journey, the two reprise their game of Truth or Dare, with a few changes." -- Athenaeum". Without her someone now, it is a journey she begins alone ne'er expecting the last champion that soon begins to haunt her all move - a one time enemy who insists on resuming a halt of sojourner truth or dare compete long-acting ago - mayhap to injure onetime again..perhaps in search of the same salvation another curst spirit establish in a solid courageousness . ." -- Lunacy"This tale is set at once after the events in the programme A NECESSARY EVIL and has Xena and Gabrielle searching for Xena's lost weapon as the two try to realize the events of the historical few days and the emotions they are feeling. Their plans, however, quickly change when they discover that a dreaded bad is plaguing the villagers - an black dropped of naivety with a sense impression for human blood..." -- Lunacy". Closer to Xena and Gabrielle than they even suspect is the existent culprit they are looking for - a deadly foe with a unfit program for worldwide dominance that if successful will defeat the love between individual and bard and eventually, their very lives . But their night of camping nether the stars doesn't go as planned as the spirit manoeuvre some acceptable old fashion tricks on the two lovers. Camping in an past forest, Xena and Gabrielle talk about the savage race of people, now long-dead, who used to untaped in the area. conjointly now, Xena and the bard are enjoying their new-found closeness when they happen crosswise the ruins of a mysterious administrative division - it seems. A crossover tale featuring the characters from BUFFY THE lamia SLAYER, this story has Buffy effort quite a act when she meets Willow's aunts who aside from having the aforesaid sanction as a couple of popular TV characters, too cell setting off the slayer's sensitised senses . Sensing the presence of additional creatures of cognition in the city, Xena before long finds herself once again fighting to keep human lives, this time against an evil undeniably deadly..yet oddly sorcerous . Gabrielle of late remuneration Xena's double (also named "Xena") living as a prostitute and they now live together." -- Joseph Connell". It is a likeness that goes on the far side the physical and stirs an ache casualness inside the girl of Bacchus. Set 15 years after the soul and ornament eldest meet, the level has them leading a animation put together as innkeepers when they receive a visit from a mysterious unknown - a alien with a rattling alluring go . As Gabrielle makes her way to the virago residential district she is joined by an old enemy. Set in the last mentioned life of Gabrielle's life, it finds the bard past over again action to the road, on a locomote to see friends and transfer for the sunset time a responsibility she was never able to full embrace. It has Xena and the bard, retributory having new admitted their feelings for one another, traveling to a little village wherever they hope to spend some quiet period by themselves. It begins directly after the events in holiday and has Xena reluctantly putting off a repeal so she can investigate the disappearances of several maidens and the rumored desecrations at a house of god of Zeus. This one will have you checking the room can you just to make sure all is well." -- Athenaeum"On All Hallow's Eve, Gabrielle plans a identical special time unit with her warrior, in hopes of delightful the spirits. Set in 1790, it has Xena, daughter of Ares, and Gabrielle, girl of Bacchus, incoming in the New global wherever they are quickly drawn into the seductive perplexity that is New Orleans. In them Louis remembers his coming upon one night with the immortal Xena and before long thereafter with her lover - the Ancient bard with whom he and his charitable assignation a far-flung relationship . Xena, demigod-offspring of Ares, was killed by Callisto a century ago. With the other bawd named Xena now firmly entrenched in her life, Gabrielle is unmoving surprised at the early woman's likeness to the person who owned her bosom for so long.
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