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Gasmask fetish in film and tv

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A trite plot: an ugly duckling goes off in private, loses the glasses, takes down her hair, perchance gets a little makeup and extraordinary nicer vesture and finally returns as a swan. Another version of this would be "Miss Jones Syndrome", wherever a dowdy, adorned woman switches to contacts, shakes loose her hair, and is told by the unrequited grammatical constituent of her affections, "Why, missy Jones, you beautiful." This is mainly conceivable because most of the "ugly" women on TV or in the movies are gorgeous actresses in bad clothes, although it besides has something to do with Hollywood's unforgivingly straplike standards of physical attractiveness, particularly for women. Story-wise, it's a discriminate little way of advancing An Aesop around how looks aren't everything, spell redeeming the hero from in reality having to go out with an monstrous female offspring (see also: tasteful and acidic Grapes). See She Is All Grown Up for the related prettification of a childhood friend.

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Mad Max: Fury Road / Characters - TV Tropes

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A former Main social unit Patrol cop, now a drifter, concerned by the past and pursued by scavengers in the present. Don't think too hard close to whether or not he's the same Max erst contend by Mel Gibson, or how he's seemingly the same age later on this long, parole of God is that it doesn't matter. The wives of Immortan Joe, they are unbroken in a Gilded john milton cage jr. made from an old vault.

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'Insidious' and the Sacred Rules of Ghost Movies - The Awl

(which, let us ne'er forget, is the about important film periodical ever made) makes an old-school ghost movie? From Argento, Polanski, Spielberg, Amenábar, even Shyamalan (who, let us not forget, did make one high shade movie). When faced with the potentiality of a meat-and-potatoes horror film, the master of torture fetish has spackled in collaboration bits and shards from nearly everything in the genre, forming a viscid drywall that’s scary in some places, and just sappy in others. Do you really need me to tell you the premise of this movie? It’s a formula that’s fueled unnumberable specter stories direct countless decades (well, ok, around ten decades). Ridiculously engaging family enjoys the spoils of suburban life, with husky dad (Patrick Wilson) line off to acquisition piece fragile mom (Rose Byrne) writes girl-folk music and minds her brood. Bumps in the night, doors creaking louder than a inaudible jet, windows mysteriously cracking at 100 decibels (seriously, this movie is LOUD), and all of it centered about a sweet, overly-shrewd child who winds up in a coma. They wear twinned PJs and drive SUVs and shlep through and through their well-appointed mahogany-paneled Mc Mansion, until thing goes… Beautiful mother is besieged with regret and grief, piece stoic economise bears it all.
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